Beginnings of an Android Game

Today I am starting the development of an Android game I thought of a few months ago. I have talked about the game with a few friends and some have joined me in making the game a reality. We looked into three different open-source libraries/frameworks: JGameAndEngine, and libGDX . All three seemed like great frameworks, but libGDX stood out to me for these main reasons:

  1. Cross-platform capabilities (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android) and ability to prototype on the desktop (which equates to much faster development).
  2. Active community (
  3. Speed/Performance (
  4. Easy to add in OpenGL calls if more low-level coding is required.
  5. Documentation/Examples. (

I have never used any of the frameworks/libraries, so my opinion is based solely on research into forums and getting a general gist of the pro/cons of each framework. I’ll try libGDX for now and perhaps look into the other two in the future to truly see which fits best for my uses. I’m sure all the engines are better in certain areas than others and I will hopefully see that in the future.


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