Participating in the 50 apps in 50 weeks challenge!

I just wrote week one’s program for the 50 app challenge! Luckily, the program was in python, so I was pretty comfortable. The program took about 3 hours to write. Conceptually, it was not hard, but finding the right tools/libraries took longer. Luckily, I remembered reading about HTML processing in a free online python book called Dive Into Python. With the assistance of the book and my previous python knowledge, I implemented the program with no external libraries (used libraries that came with python). The program was a good review of python recursion and class inheritance.

I’ve tested my code with a simple site, but I feel like I should do further testing with unittests. Python makes it really easy, so hopefully if I have time, I’ll get around to it. I hope to continue writing apps for the 50 app challenge. This week was particularly nice because I had extra time since I’m only in the second week of winter quarter at UCLA and again because of my previous python experience.


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