This is a great app for Mac that my friend showed me the other day. It allows the Windows Aero’s-like snapping of windows plus Keyboard shortcuts for moving windows + much more. Previously, I used two apps to do this (Cinch and Shiftit), but now I only need one and BetterTouchTool seems to be much better done and much more polished! Even’s free! Love itt.


WebRTC is almost here, and it will change the web | VentureBeat

WebRTC is almost here, and it will change the web | VentureBeat.

WebRTC is looking pretty awesome right now. Browser-to-browser communication? No more servers needed? Cool concept and the slew of new possibilities its brings will be awesome. Sharing data will easier than ever, peer-to-peer technologies can be integrated into the browser, and new video conferencing and VOIP. Can’t wait :)!


Mosh: the mobile shell

Mosh: the mobile shell.

This is an interesting ssh replacement that allows roaming so you can change internet technologies and keep the shell’s ssh going. Imagine using Wi-fi, changing to ethernet, then changing to LTE. Pretty interesting idea and apparently its faster. I haven’t seen any new ssh game-changers in a while, and Mosh is definitely a welcome one :].